Choosing a mattress for a good sleep is always a matter of confusion. The choice of the mattress depends on so many factors and it could not be recommended for overall a community. The choice depends on individuals and their requirements. Memory foam is much better than Latex in giving the person sleeping on it a sinking feeling. With the sinking feeling a person could sleep better with more comfort.

Know about Latex and Memory Foam:

Memory Foam is made of viscoelastic material. It is made completely of slightly harsh chemicals. Memory foam mattress is the best foam to give pressure relief sleep and a comfort. Latex foam is more durable and is healthier than the other since it does not involve harsh chemicals in manufacturing.
memory vs latex
Some of the varieties of latex are quite natural also. The latex mattress is ecofriendly. But the latex foam does not give a good pressure relief factor.

Affordability and availability:

Latex foam is priced a little bit on the higher side due to its high manufacturing cost, since it involves more natural ingredients in its manufacturing process which makes it more ecofriendly. Memory Foam mattress is slightly priced low and are easily available in all the outlets. Even though the manufacturing process of the foam uses some harsh chemicals, there is no specific study to prove the negative effects. In fact, the mattress (memory foam) has proven to relax the aches and give a relaxing experience.

Similarities and differences

  • both foam gives good relaxed feel and relieves pressures and aches
  • both the foams are durable
  • memory foam gives a sinking experience which gives more pleasure during sleep
  • memory foam is available easily and more affordable

Even though both possess more or less the same qualities memory foam is considered to be much better than the latex and most of the mattress manufacturers blend both latex and memory foam to get a better balanced mattress.

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